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About ASM Technical Books

For more than 100 years, ASM International has been a leading publisher of technical reference books, serving the needs of engineers, scientists, and students with comprehensive and authoritative information. With several hundred technical book titles currently in print, ASM is striving to provide many of these titles in the ASM Digital Library, bringing together access to much of this valuable content on one convenient platform.

ASM technical books offer practical, hands-on guidance and help in problem-solving.
Principal subject areas include:

Additive Manufacturing
Casting, Forming, and Forging
Coatings and Surface Engineering
Failure Analysis
Fatigue and Fracture
Friction and Wear
Heat Treatment
Irons and Steels
Manufacturing and Design
Materials for Medical Devices
Metallography and Characterization
Nonferrous Alloys
Plastics, Composites, and Ceramics
Welding, Brazing, and Soldering

Publish with Us

ASM International publishes many works and articles written by individual authors or small groups of co-authors. ASM seeks proposals from authors in the subject areas of materials selection, processing, evaluation, and performance.

Your book project will benefit from review and feedback by ASM technical committee members; materials professionals representing a broad range of international industry and academic specialties.

ASM offers competitive terms for compensation of both authors and editors. Terms are flexible and negotiable. In addition, ASM has unequaled marketing access to the professionals and institutions who will most benefit from your work.

 For more information about publishing with ASM International, contact Scott Henry, senior content engineer, or call 440.338.5151.

How to Purchase

For information on subscription access to ASM Books, contact the ASM Online Database Manager:

Telephone:       +440.338.5151

<>Access to individual books and chapters can be purchased in the ASM Digital Library.
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