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Titanium and its alloys continue to provide excellent service in a variety of industries. As we progress into the twenty-first century, in the sixth decade of titanium’s commercial and industrial use, it appears that the industry has matured, but new technology and applications for the metal continue to develop. Despite the utility of titanium and its alloys, the number of books dealing with the metal has been limited. A series of International Conferences on Titanium, held periodically since 1968, have provided a focus for research reports while other occasional symposia and articles have contributed to the industrial literature on titanium. ASM International has been a leader in providing coverage of titanium and its alloys and has issued several books, including the first edition of Titanium: A Technical Guide.

Titanium: A Technical Guide, Second Edition, is meant to provide the most complete introduction possible to the metal and its alloys through the use of 14 chapters and 11 appendices. The aim has been to condense and review the significant features of the metallurgy and application of titanium and its alloys. The text has been revised and expanded from that of the first edition with many additional figures and new and revised tables. The second edition of the Guide not only contains more information than the previous edition, but the book also has been modified to a larger page size to better accommodate the tables provided. All technical aspects of the use of titanium are covered with sufficient metals property data for most users. The Guide has been reviewed for accuracy, but it is possible that errors will have occurred. The editor would appreciate receiving either corrections or suggestions from readers.

If you are new to the use of titanium, I would strongly recommend starting with Chapter 1: A Primer on Titanium and Its Alloys. This executive summary of the metal and its uses should suit the needs of readers who require a brief introduction to titanium and who do not have time to devote to more intense study of the subject. If you are knowledgeable in metallurgy and/or materials engineering, or wish more in-depth information, you may prefer to choose from one of the chapter topics or the appendices that is more relevant to your immediate needs. For additional property data, see the ASM book Materials Property Handbook: Titanium Alloys.

The editor wishes to thank not only those who contributed to the first edition of Titanium: A Technical Guide, but also the many contributors to other ASM books and the ASM Handbook series. This book is a product of the editor’s experience and personal bias, as well as his technical files. Most of all, however, it is a product of the resources available in the ASM International system. The editor especially would like to thank Veronica Flint of ASM International for her perseverance with him as the material made its way into electronic form. Veronica and I worked together on the first edition of Titanium: A Technical Guide, and it has been a pleasure to work with her again on this significant update. Its successful publication is a tribute to the dedication of ASM International to providing access to materials information for the widest possible audience.

M. J. D.
Winchester, NH
October 2000

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