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According to NACE International, the total annual cost of corrosion in the oil and gas production industry is estimated to be $1.372 billion. This breaks down into $589 million in surface pipeline and facility costs, $463 million annually in downhole tubing expenses, and another $320 million in capital expenditures related to corrosion.

Because corrosion is such a significant issue, ASM International has devoted three ASM Handbook volumes to studying its causes, behavior, and prevention. ASM Handbook, Volume 13A, Corrosion: Fundamentals, Testing, and Protection (2003) helps readers understand corrosion, and Volume 13B, Corrosion: Materials (2005) dives into the corrosion performance of materials and the selection and application of materials for corrosion resistance. Volume 13C, Corrosion: Environments and Industries (2006) looks at how corrosion affects specific segments of the world economy.

Originally published from several sources in 1994, this second edition of Corrosion in the Petrochemical Industry collects articles from Volumes 13A and 13C. These peer-reviewed articles were written by experts in the field of corrosion and were specifically chosen for this book because of their relevance to the petrochemical industry. ASM is grateful to the many volunteers who contributed to this effort.

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