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This 2015 edition of ASM Handbook, Volume 7, Powder Metallurgy is a completely revised and updated work written and reviewed by the leading experts in the field. Last updated in 1998, this new Volume 7 covers conventional powder metallurgy (press and sinter) as well as an entire new section devoted to metal injection molding, including its applications, and an article on metal injection molding of microcomponents.

Based on feedback from users, the revised Volume has been reorganized for clarification. Principles and techniques of powder metallurgy are discussed first, followed by detailed divisions covering production and characterization of different metals and alloys.

ASM International is grateful for the work and dedication of volunteer editors, authors, and reviewers who devoted their time and expertise to develop a reference publication of the highest technical and editorial quality. A special note of thanks is offered to the division editors who put forth extraordinary efforts to keep this massive project focused and completed on schedule. The result is a comprehensive body of knowledge from the world's leading innovators, researchers, and practitioners in the powder metallurgy field.

ASM International also thanks the Metal Powder Industries Federation for its cooperation and assistance with figure permissions, reviewers, and providing meeting space for editors. Figure permissions were also freely granted from Powder Injection Moulding International, published by Inovar Communications.

Sunniva R. Collins, Ph.D.
ASM International
Terry F. Mosier
Interim Managing Director
ASM International

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