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The ASM Thermal Spray Society (TSS) was founded in 1994 as an affiliate society of ASM International to serve as the leading global source for thermal spray information, networking, and professional development. An important role for TSS is to identify subject areas where practical guidance on the selection, application, processing, testing, and analysis of thermal spray coatings may be needed and to organize the necessary teams of experts to address those needs.

The mission of the TSS Accepted Practices Committee is to serve as a comprehensive resource to the industry for topics relating to thermal spray process and coating characterization. This mission is accomplished by enlisting industry experts who oversee the generation and publication of reference documents relating to testing procedures and limitations, as well as advanced methods for process and coating characterization. Emphasis is on educating the industry on the application of new testing and characterization methods as well as the proper deployment of existing methods. This book is intended to serve as a convenient and citable compendium of the Accepted Practices documents created by the committee.

We extend our gratitude to the TSS members who have contributed to Accepted Practices committee activities, round robin testing, and document creation and review over the years. The thermal spray community is encouraged to recommend to TSS topic areas where new or updated Accepted Practices may be needed.

Robert A. Miller
Chair, Thermal Spray Society Accepted Practices Committee

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