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Recrystallization is to a large extent responsible for their final mechanical properties. This article commences with a discussion on static recrystallization (SRX) and dynamic recrystallization (DRX). The DRX includes continuous dynamic recrystallization (CDRX) and discontinuous dynamic recrystallization (DDRX). The article discusses the assumptions and simplifications for the Avrami analysis. It describes the effects of nucleation and growth rates on recrystallization kinetics and recrystallized grain size based on the Johnson-Mehl-Avrami-Kolmogorov model for static recrystallization. The article reviews the kinetics of DRX with the aid of the Avrami relations. It considers the basic framework of the mesoscale approach for DDRX, including the three basic equations for grain size changes, strain hardening and dynamic recovery, and nucleation. The article explains the mesoscale approach for CDRX to predict microstructural evolutions occurring during hot deformation, along with an illustration of the main features of the CDRX mesoscale model.

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