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This article describes the characteristics of three types of gas bearings, such as aerostatic bearing, precision aerodynamic bearing (PAB), and compliant aerodynamic bearing (CAB). It discusses the applications for aerostatic bearings and advantages in lubricating a bearing with a compressible gas. The article also describes the different types of aerostatic bearings, such as annular thrust bearings and orifice-compensated journal bearings. It presents a discussion on load capacity and stiffness, friction and power loss, and stability and damping of the aerostatic bearings. The article provides a discussion on the types of PAB and CAB. The types include spiral groove annular thrust bearings, cylindrical journal bearings, three-sector journal bearings, tilting-pad journal bearings, and helical-grooved journal bearings. The types of CAB include foil bearings and pressurized-membrane bearings. The article concludes with a description of factors that influence materials selection for gas-lubricated bearings.

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