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This article provides information on the thermodynamics and kinetics of high-temperature corrosion. The thermodynamics of high-temperature corrosion reactions reveals what reactions are possible under certain conditions and kinetics explains how fast these possible reactions will proceed. The article describes the diffusion process that plays a key role in oxidation and other gaseous reactions with metals. It discusses the development of stress in oxide layers. The article presents the sample preparation methods for high-temperature testing, and expounds the measurement methods of high-temperature degradation. It reviews a number of potential processes, which are responsible for high-temperature corrosion. The article details a wide range of coatings and coating processes for protecting components in a variety of operating conditions. It also discusses the testing methods used for materials at high temperatures, including furnace tests, burner rig testing, and thermogravimetric analysis, and the test methods conducted at high temperature and high pressure.

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