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Aluminum and aluminum alloys are very suitable for extrusion and many types of profiles can be produced from easily extrudable alloys. This article lists the basic characteristics of aluminum and its alloys. It tabulates the aluminum extrusion alloys by series and lists the typical applications for 6xxx series aluminum extrusions. The article discusses three broad categories of extrusion profiles: solid profile, hollow profile, and semi hollow profile. It provides information on weldability and machinability, which are often considered in profile design and product performance. The article discusses different aluminum extrusion processes, such as the direct extrusion process and the indirect extrusion process. It schematically illustrates the plotting of flow stress and extrudability for several types of aluminum alloys. The article concludes with information on the heat treatment and precipitation hardening for alloys, such as 2xxx, 6xxx, and 7xxx.

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