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This chapter describes the various features of the metallurgical microscope. Key concepts are defined such as resolving power, the virtual image, bright- and dark-field illumination, numerical aperture, focal length, image contrast, depth of field, and spherical and chromatic aberration. Metallurgical microscope features such as apochromatic objectives, hyperplane oculars, vertical illuminators, counting reticles, widefield oculars, polarization filters, field diaphragms, interferometers, and tungsten-halogen lamps are explained. The optical system, nosepiece, types of objectives (the lens assembly close to the specimen) and eyepieces, and components of the illumination system are all explained. The last part of this chapter describes special procedures involved in using and calibrating the metallurgical microscope.

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The Metallurgical Microscope, Metallographer’s Guide: Practices and Procedures for Irons and Steels, By Bruce L. Bramfitt, Arlan O. Benscoter, ASM International, 2002, p 109–148,

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