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ASM Handbook
ASM Technical Books offer a wealth of materials science and engineering knowledge from experts in the field. Discover practical guides and reference resources on a wide variety of subjects created to fill the needs of the novice and the experienced professional.

Contributor Corner

ASM International and the Electronic Device Failure Analysis Society (EDFAS) thank Tejinder Gandhi for his expertise and leadership as the volunteer Editor-in-Chief of the Microelectronics Failure Analysis Desk Reference, Seventh Edition. He was chosen because of his industry expertise, active membership on the editorial board, and commitment to shaping the book's content.

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Alloy Digest is the leading information source for commercial and standard alloys and their properties, performance characteristics, applications, and processing details. Alloy Digest datasheets provide facts and figures on composition and product forms, physical and mechanical properties, heat treatment, and machinability.

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Best Seller

Corrosion: Understanding the Basics resents a practical "how to" approach to understanding and solving the problems of corrosion of structural materials. It provides a useful overview of the principles of corrosion and can be used as a general guide for developing a corrosion-control program.

ASM HANDBOOKS ONLINE is the materials industry’s most comprehensive and authoritative source for information on the structure, properties, processing, performance, and evaluation of metals and nonmetallic engineering materials.

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