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ASM Handbook
ASM Technical Books offer a wealth of materials science and engineering knowledge from experts in the field. Discover practical guides and reference resources on a wide variety of subjects created to fill the needs of the novice and the experienced professional.


Schey’s Tribology in Metalworking: Friction, Lubrication, and Wear is an essential resource for the development and optimization of metalworking and material removal processes. The book is  an update to the seminal text Tribology in Metalworking by John Schey, originally published by ASM International in 1983. This 2023 update provides a thorough update, including a description of the significant advances in tribological research and detailed information for every metal forming process.

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View the new, upcoming, and best-selling resources in ASM Handbooks, technical books, and databases in the 2023 Catalog.

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David Rosen, Ph.D., is a Principal Research Scientist at the Institute for High Performance Computing and the Singapore Institute for Manufacturing Technology, both A*STAR institutes in Singapore. He is a Co-Division Editor of ASM Handbook, Volume 24A: Additive Manufacturing Design and Applications, and a contributing author of ASM Handbook, Volume 24: Additive Manufacturing Processes.

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View an introductory overview of ASM Technical Books in the ASM Digital Library given by Scott Henry, Senior Content Engineer for ASM International. This quick tour demonstrates how to browse, search, and access over 50 of ASM's best-known and most authoritative titles.

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