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About Shape Memory Proceedings


The Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies Conference is the premier event for researchers and industry professionals who work with nickel titanium (Nitinol) and other shape memory and superelastic materials. It is the cornerstone offering of the International Organization on Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies (SMST), a volunteer organization made up of industry professionals, scientists, and researchers dedicated to disseminating technical information on the unique class of materials that exhibit shape memory and superelastic properties.

Drs. Tom Duerig, Alan Pelton, and Darel Hodgson founded SMST in 1992. They recognized an industry-driven desire for a conference that specifically addressed engineering aspects and applications of shape memory alloys. Thus, the three spearheaded the effort to start the SMST organization, and the first conference was held in March 1994 at the Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, California, USA. After several U.S. conferences, SMST held its first event outside North America in 1999. A complete history of the conferences is provided at the SMST site

In 2004, SMST became an Affiliate Society of ASM International, the worldwide society for materials information. Over the years, the joint SMST-ASM association has produced many successful conferences, the journal Shape Memory and Superelasticity, a quarterly newsletter, and other resources to benefit current and future industry professionals. 

For information on upcoming SMST conferences, visit the SMST Events & Education page.


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To purchase print volumes or individual papers, contact (Curran Associates Inc.). 


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