Coatings prepared from chromia-rich (Al;Cr)2O3 solid solution feedstock powders are rarely studied so far. In this work; the processability of a commercial (Al;Cr)2O3 solid solution (ss) powder containing 78 wt.-% Cr2O3 by atmospheric plasma spraying (APS) and the corresponding coating microstructures and hardness were studied; including the effect of blending with 2; 23 and 54 wt.-% TiO2. The microstructures were analyzed using SEM; EDS and XRD measurements. It was shown that blending with TiO2 reduces the porosity and increases the deposition efficiency. Due to the lower porosity; the Vickers microhardness of the coatings was increased. Small amounts of Ti in ss (Al;Cr)2O3 splats were detected in coatings prepared from blends with higher TiO2 contents. The ss (Al;Cr)2O3 areas also vary after the spraying process in terms of their aluminum and chromium content.

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