This study aims at revealing the effect on composition on antibacterial and antiviral properties of hydroxyapatite/titania composite coating deposited by suspension plasma spray. Hydroxyapatite [Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2; HAp] is a bioceramic material used as a plasma-sprayed coating to promote osseointegration of femoral stems. TiO2 has promising photocatalytic activity and good efficiency in destroying the bacteria; various viral species and parasites. Prior to coating deposition; substrates were grit blasted; cleaned ultrasonically and heated to enhance adhesion strength. Microstructure of coating with different compositions was then characterized using XRD and Raman to identify its crystal structure. All results demonstrated that SPS could transform Ti2O3 into TiO2 with mixed phases. Particularly; XRD data identified Ti4O7 & Ti3O5 phases; which show photocatalytic activity due to oxygen vacancies. Antibacterial test using bacteria was conducted; and the optimized composition was determined. Antiviral test performed on suspension sprayed coatings also showed promising result.

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