Outstanding wear resistance; excellent abrasion; and corrosion protection under heavy loads characterize thermally sprayed WC-Co coatings. However; the good wear resistance of these coatings requires high post-processing costs (grinding; polishing) which are estimated to be up to 3-4 times higher than the spray coating process itself. Thus; a great interest of spraying smooth near-net-shape carbide coatings exists. In addition; less of the coating must be removed and the required sprayed coating thicknesses can be reduced; offering saving of costs and resources at the same time. This contribution is an investigation on the development of WC-12Co coatings obtained by suspension HVOF spraying technology. Significant work was devoted to the development and characterization of appropriate water-based hardmetal suspensions starting from commercially available WC and Co raw powders feedstock. The developed suspensions were sprayed using HVOF process to produce fine-structured carbide coatings. The S-HVOF coatings properties; i.e.; microstructure; phase composition; and microhardness were evaluated and discussed.

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