The enhancement of the surface characteristics and corrosion resistance of cobalt alloys is under continuous examination for its biomedical applications. In this work, the investigation of corrosion performance of cobalt alloy coated with HA and HA/ZnO reinforced powders using plasma spray technique revealed that on the continuous increase of ZnO reinforcement the corrosion resistance improved progressively. The increment in surface hardness and drop in surface roughness was examined with the rise in ZnO content. Each coated sample exhibits a hydrophilic property. According to SEM and EDX investigations, homogeneous distribution of HA/ZnO coatings and intact reinforcement of ZnO in pure HA powder was noticed. All of the coated specimens maintain their morphological integrity, ensuring excellent protection of the prepared samples. The obtained outcomes denote HA/ZnO reinforced coatings on CoCr alloy as a suitable combination of enhanced surface properties and excellent corrosion resistance for future bone implant practices.

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