The application of cold spray (CS) for additive manufacturing (CSAM) of structural components using metallic materials has recently attracted much attention. However, there are limited reports on developing thick deposits or components with high entropy alloys (HEAs) via CSAM and investigating the microstructural evolution and mechanical properties after deposition and subsequent annealing heat-treatment. This work investigated the microstructure and mechanical properties of asdeposited and heat-treated thick CoCrFeNiMn HEA deposit fabricated via CSAM. The microstructure of the HEA deposit and after heat-treatment were characterised using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), electron back-scattered diffraction (EBSD), and x-ray diffraction (XRD). The microstructural analysis reveals heterogeneous grain size distribution with ultrafine grains at the particle-particle interfacial regions and coarse grains at the particle interiors in the as-deposited sample. The as-deposited sample, characterised by moderate porosity, was consolidated following the heat treatment at different temperatures. Additionally, increasing the temperature increases grain sizes resulting from static recovery and recrystallisation, with annealing twin formed at higher temperatures. Most notably, phase decomposition of the deposit microstructure occurs at 600 ºC, with Cr-rich phase particles formed at regions of high dislocations and grain boundaries. Nano-and micro-hardness and tensile testing of micro-flat dogbones samples were performed on the as-deposited and heattreated samples. The effect of heat-treatment on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the cold-sprayed HEA deposit were analysed and discussed.

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