Hybrid plasma spraying has been proved to provide novel coating microstructures as a result of the simultaneous injection of a dry coarse powder and a liquid feedstock into the plasma jet. Such microstructure contains both large splats originating from the conventional dry powder and finely dispersed miniature splats deposited from the liquid. This approach enables preparation of coatings from virtually all materials which are conventionally processed using plasma spraying. However, incorporation of materials susceptible to decomposition at high temperatures is still challenging even using this concept due to the high thermal energy provided to all feedstocks to be deposited. Hereby, we propose an innovative approach of incorporation of thermally-sensitive materials into a coating sprayed using a high-enthalpy plasma torch. As a case study, Al2O3 was sprayed from dry coarse powder and MoS2 was sprayed from the suspension which was deposited directly onto the substrates, i.e., by-passing the hot plasma jet. The retention of the added material in the coating was evaluated using scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction.

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