A series of abradability tests were conducted on AlSi-hBN coatings, which are commonly used in the compressor section of aeroengines for clearance control. The coatings were sprayed on test plates to a thickness of 1.9-2.0 mm and ground to a finish of 10 μm with 400 grit paper. The tests were carried out in an automated test rig with adjustable temperature, blade tip velocity, and incursion rate. The rig is configured such that the coatings are exposed to rotating blades, making contact with the tips as they pass. In this study, investigators monitored the number of contacts, removing and examining abraded coating samples at a given count total ranging from 200 to 4000. It was found that wear characteristics change with each contact between the coating and blade tip, indicating that pass number is a factor that must be considered when testing abradable coatings.

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