Previous work on thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) has shown that Ce-containing bond coats promote the formation of a wedge-like interface oxide that improves delamination resistance. The oxide was found to form at temperatures greater than 1100 °C, which in many applications, may not be reached. In this study, TBC samples consisting of a YSZ topcoat and various cold-sprayed bond coats were prepared. In order to obtain a wedge-like thermally grown oxide (TGO), pre-oxidation was carried out for 20 h at 1100 °C prior to high-temperature testing for 1000 h at 1000 °C. It was confirmed that the pre-oxidation treatment produced a wedge-like TGO that continued to grow at 1000 °C, which improved delamination resistance as four-point bend tests showed. A wedge-like oxide was also observed in some TBCs exposed to temperatures of 1000 °C, without pre-oxidation.

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