This paper evaluates and compares five wear-resistant coatings produced by HVOF spraying for high-temperature use. CrC-NiCr, CrC-CoNiCrAlY, Stellite 6, NiCrBSi, and TiMoCN-Ni coatings were sprayed on grit-blasted carbon steel substrates. Abrasive, sliding, and fretting wear resistance were measured and changes in microstructure and hardness due to high-temperature exposure were recorded. CrC-NiCr coatings exhibited the best wear properties, but the oxidation of carbides at high temperatures proved to be a problem. Based on test results, alternative coatings would include CrC-CoNiCrAlY for abrasive wear, Stellite 6 for erosive wear, and NiCrBSi for sliding wear.

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