This study evaluates the effect of laser texturing on the bonding strength of cylinder bore coatings deposited by plasma transferred wire arc (PTWA) spraying. Experiments were carried out on an AlSi9Cu3 engine block sectioned along a plane through the length of the bores. Cylinder surfaces were laser textured on one side and degreased and grit blasted on the other. Laser power, beam angle, and pulse count were varied to determine their effect on hole morphology and coating adhesion. After surface treatment, the engine block sections were rejoined and the cylinder bores were PTWA sprayed with high carbon steel. Coating samples were examined by SEM and cross-sectional analysis and adhesion tests were conducted. The bonding strength of the coatings on the laser textured portion of the cylinder bore was significantly higher than that of the coatings on grit-blasted surfaces and is shown to vary with laser power, beam angle, and total pulses or impacts per hole.

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