This work focuses on the properties of Cu-Ag alloys deposited by cold spraying. Helium was used as the carrier gas, accelerating particles to 823 m/sec, which is in the middle of the deposition window for Cu alloys. To avoid oxygen contamination, the gun was placed in a helium-filled chamber and a closed-loop circulating system was used to minimize helium loss. Deposition parameters were varied during spraying and their effect on hardness, tensile properties, residual stress, and porosity was assessed in as-sprayed and heat-treated samples. Ultimate tensile strengths of 450 MPa and yield strengths of about 420 MPa were obtained for the as-sprayed samples and it was shown that strength and ductility can be tailored by heat treating, reaching elongation values higher than 45%. An increase in deposition rate from 55 to 142 g/min was also achieved without a significant decrease in mechanical properties.

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