In this study, Fe-Cr-Al and Fe-Cr-Al-B cored wires were produced and deposited on steel substrates by wire arc spraying. The microstructure, hardness, and high-temperature corrosion behavior of the cored-wire deposits were evaluated in comparison to Fe-Cr and commercial Fe-Cr-Al solid-wire coatings. All coating samples exhibited lamellar microstructures with oxide inclusions, the fewest being in the Fe-Cr-Al-B deposits. Microhardness was measured along coating cross-sections at various distances from the coating-substrate interface. The Fe-Cr coatings were the hardest, followed by the Fe-Cr-Al-B deposits. Thermogravimetric analysis was used to evaluate high-temperature corrosion behavior in a molten salt environment under cyclic conditions, with the Fe-Cr-Al-B cored-wire deposits performing the best.

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