In recent years, the production of coatings obtained by LPPS process (Low Pressure Plasma Spraying) was successfully introduced in industrial markets for aerospace, gas turbines, medical and other special applications. The deposition of coatings with superior properties requires an improved understanding of this complex spray process, including the inflight particle temperature and velocity. In this study, DPV- 2000 (Tecnar, St-Bruno, QC, CA) was employed to characterize the LPPS process at different operational pressure ranges from typically 250 mbar to 150 mbar. Measurements of the temperatures and velocities of the in-flight yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) particles were carried out in an argon– hydrogen plasma jet. The YSZ coatings were also deposited in accordance with different operating parameters. The microstructures of the coatings were analyzed by SEM.

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