Due to the demand for improved fuel economy as well as increased safety features, weight reduction is one of the major aims in the automotive industry. Future lightweight automotive components for the next car generation will probably use lots of magnesium alloy. These will form galvanic couples with other materials and may induce phenomena accelerating the corrosion rate of automotive components. The materials used were magnesium alloy AZ31B and several types of cold sprayed coating. The relative performance of each cold sprayed corrosion preventive compounds (CPC) was assessed in combination with the materials under several different electrochemical and accelerated corrosion tests. Baseline data for AZ31B with no CPC applied was also collected. CPC characteristics and properties are also included and discussed. The studies on bare Mg/Steel couples validated accelerated corrosion but found that CPC cold sprayed coatings mitigate corrosion rates. Thus Mg/Fe interfaces with defect-free cold sprayed coatings CPC can prevent buildup of corrosion products and reduce galvanic corrosion of automotive components.

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