In this investigation, Inconel 718, a material known to cause nozzle clogging upon cold spraying, was cold spray formed to 6 mm-thick using the Plasma Giken cold spray system PCS- 1000. This was made possible due to the novel non-clogging nozzle material combined with a nozzle water cooling system. Coatings were as-spray formed using both nitrogen and helium as the propelling gasses. The resulting microstructures as well as the corresponding mechanical properties were studied. In addition, the effect of post-heat treatments was also investigated. It was found that for a given propelling gas used, the coating porosity level remained relatively similar (about 2.4% for nitrogen and 3.6% for helium) regardless of the coating treatment (as-sprayed or heat treated). Visual inspection from SEM micrographs showed a higher fraction of inter-particle metallurgical bonds for nitrogen gas sprayed coatings heat treated at 1250°C for 1 hour due to some sintering effect. This significantly affected its tensile properties with an average resulting ductility of 24.7%.

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