Effect of different thickness of bio-medical coatings on the bone stress distribution near the hip implant- bone interface is very important factors for the bio-coated implant design and clinical application. However, in the traditional finite element analysis, the muscle forces have not been considered, which results in a difference between the original analysis models from the actual condition. In this study, the hip contact forces, as well as the associated muscle forces are imposed. Wollastonite coatings and titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) for implants are used in the model, which is constructed through using SolidWorks software. The bone and coating stress distributions near the hip implant coated with different thickness from 50 to 250 µm are calculated and analyzed by means of finite element analysis by ANSYS WORKBENCH Software. After hip replacement, the von Mises stress distribution is similar to that before the total hip arthroplasty, whereas the corresponding results decrease obviously. Effect of coating thickness has an indistinct influence on the bone stress near the hip implant.

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