Adhesive strength of the plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coating (TBC) is one of the most important parameters which influence the reliability during service. In the past, numerous test methods were reported to measure the coating adhesion. However, most of them require careful and time consuming preparation. Consequently, limited information could be obtained to establish the relationship between the processing conditions and the adhesive property. To produce more measurements using a simpler procedure, the interfacial indentation test and the modified tensile adhesive test are examined. In this paper, the interfacial fracture toughness of the plasma-sprayed ZrO2 coatings, deposited on Al substrates, were evaluated by these two tests. In order to study the effects of the powder injection, samples were sprayed with various carrier gas flow rates. The test results show a certain correlation between the melting index and the interfacial fracture toughness. In addition, variations between the results obtained from the two different methods are discussed.

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