Compressor abradables coming into operational contact with bare, un-tipped titanium alloy rotor blades over a wide range of incursion conditions require excellent cuttability in order to avoid blade tip damage by wear and over-heating. This is more easily achieved for low temperature systems that can make use of low shear strength aluminum matrices than for compressor abradables operating closer to the maximum allowable temperature of advanced titanium alloy blade materials. In this case the rotor path linings will have to incorporate higher temperature resistant Ni and Co alloy matrices. To that end the availability of abradable coatings capable of operating at up to 550°C while showing little thermal ageing effects and excellent abradability over their entire service life can influence the compressor blade material selection and therefore compressor weight and performance characteristics. This paper provides an overview of titanium blade friendly compressor abradable concepts. Particular emphasis will be placed on the abradability of in-service and next-generation coatings designed for use up to the temperature capability of Ti blade rotor materials and beyond. Candidate coatings are also screened for other performance criteria such as thermal cyclic resistance and ageing behaviour.

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