The aim of the research project is to combine repair brazing with protective coating against hot-gas corrosion into a common integrated process. Both the braze-metal as well as the hot-gas corrosion protection coating is applied by means of thermal spraying. The material layout is to be realized as far as possible to the near net shape by using thermal spraying. The processes are to be performed in such a way that the brazing is integrated into the CVD diffusion annealing process as a transient liquid phase bonding (TLP bonding) process which, as a consequence, can then be eliminated as a separate processing step. The thermal spraying processes of atmospheric plasma spraying (APS), high velocity oxygen fuel spraying (HVOF) and cold gas spraying (CGS) are to be qualified for this purpose. Thus the project working hypothesis is to be able to transform thermal coating and joining processes into a common integrated hybrid process and, in doing so, obtain both high-quality and economic advantages. The importance of combining these processes lies in reducing the effort of grinding as well as economizing on the vacuum brazing, which is currently a separate process step, and consequently lowering the production costs.

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