Coatings have been prepared using the Diamond Jet hybrid and JP5000 high velocity oxyfuel (HVOF) systems with the objectives of improving corrosion resistance and reducing costs through increasing deposition efficiency. Models relating deposition efficiency, coating oxygen content and corrosion resistance to process parameters including fuel flow rate, oxygen flow rate and stand-off distance have been developed. A corrosion test cell has been designed and a procedure determined for studying the corrosion behaviour of large numbers of thermally sprayed coatings in an efficient manner. A significant improvement to the corrosion resistance of HVOF sprayed coatings has been achieved by spraying parameter optimisation and investigation of powder size and distribution. The project has also investigated the influence of spray angle on coating performance with a view to future onsite application. Coating materials tested and compared include nickel alloys Hastelloy C276 and 59, cobalt alloy Ultimet, duplex stainless steel S32750 and an experimental iron-based spray-fuse composition.

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