Total quality management requires definite process control as well as online diagnostics, if applied in industrial surface refinement by thermal spraying. A concept for integrated online diagnostics for the high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) flame spray process is presented using Siemens S7-300 programmable logic controller and PC-based Siemens WinCC (Windows Control Center) visualization software. The standard functionality of the WinCC programming environment can be extended by C-scripts. The integrated database allows to protocol the relevant process parameters periodically for total quality assurance. Also particle flux imaging software tools can be implemented to adjust online process parameters and for process diagnostic purposes. The Siemens bus system hierarchy thereby provides high speed communication skills for field bus level data exchange and for supervising system components, e.g. CCD-cameras. The interconnection between S7-300 PLC, 6-axis-robot and a novel WinCC software tool enables definite automatic changes of recipes during the coating process to generate functionally graded coatings.

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