Yttria stabilized zirconia particles are plasma sprayed on polished stainless steel substrate. Starting powders are fused and crushed powder, and hollow spherical powder. Four types of the splat morphology, which are splash, rugged, gravel mounted, and disk splats, are observed. Splash and disk splats are fully melted particles, but rugged and gravel mounted like splats are partially melted particles Gravel mounted like splat is observed from only hollow spherical powder, and disk splat is observed in the case of high substrate temperature. It is found that the ratio of splat morphology changes with spraying parameters. Porosity of the coating from fused and crushed powder is higher and Young's modulus of that is lower than that from hollow spherical powder. The ratio of rugged and gravel mounted splats affect porosity and Young's modulus. Adhesive strength increases with the increase in the ratio of disk splat. So, the coating properties are improved by controlling splat morphology. KEYWORDS: Splat Morphology, Partially Melted Particle, Disk Splat, Porosity, Young's Modulus, Adhesive Strength

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