A technology and a specialized equipment complex based on supersonic arc spraying gun, where a supersonic stream of combustion products of hydrocarbon-gas (HC-gas) with air is used as an atomizing gas, have been developed. Durable and safe work of coated parts functioning under conditions of intensive loading is determined (except general requirement to coatings: wear resistance, hardness) to a large extent by the fatigue strength, porosity and stability of the properties of coatings. New possibilities for satisfying all the requirement to coatings on parts type are opened up by a high speed spraying of wire. This is provided at the expanse of raising the kinetic energy of particles under spray, increase of their concentration in metal stream, lowering of the spread of parameters in the vicinity of a substrate. This, in its turn, determines the increase of adhesive and cohesive strength of coating, the decrease of oxidation, the improvement of stability and reproducibility of its properties. The results of the investigations of the influence of the variable parameters of the process on the listed above properties of coatings are presented. This technology and equipment complex is appreciated for repair of wearied motor component and deposition of corrosion protective coatings.

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