Cored wires show a high potential for production of protective coatings for combined corrosion and wear applications. Iron and nickel based grooved cored wires without and with different reinforcing carbide fillers have been sprayed by arc- and high velocity combustion wire (HVCW) spraying with a Praxair Type 216 gun. Depending on the wear mechanism coatings with a similar abrasive or oscillating wear resistance like HVOF WC/Co/Cr 86/10/4 have been produced. For effective protection against oscillating wear wires with a large diameter and therefore a high content of reinforcing carbide filler have to be applied. All nickel based coatings with chromium addition show an improved corrosion resistance compared to HVOF-sprayed WC/Co/Cr 86/10/4. For coatings from wires with NiCr 80/20 velum no effect of severe sulphurous corrosion in the DIN 50018 test is observed. HVCW-spraying is especially suitable, when only a low degree of interaction between velum and filler material is wanted as for cermet-like coatings. Conventional arc-spraying rather meets the demands of a high degree of interaction between velum and filler necessary for the production of pure metallic coatings like NiCrBSi. All manufactured coatings show good machinability.

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