A new low-cost chromium carbide-nickel chrome powder has been developed. Potential applications for these powders include hard-chrome replacement, boiler tubes and turbine engine components. The erosive and abrasive wear properties of the deposited coatings have been found comparable to commercially available nickel-chromium based carbide materials. A significant advantage of these powders is higher deposition efficiency and carbon retention when coatings are deposited using HVOF thermal spray equipment. Results indicate deposition efficiencies up to 50% higher than commercially available carbide powders in the market today. Higher deposition efficiency effectively reduces the application costs allowing these materials to be competitive in a wider range of applications. Powder characteristics and the application costs data are included in this paper. Also discussed are microstructure-property relationships of the various coatings. Data including abrasive slurry wear, hardness, high- and low-angle erosion and superfinished surface finish is reported. Comparisons have been made to commercially available chemical clad and blended CrC-NiCr powders.

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