Shreenath has been engaged in the manufacturing and reclamation of engineering components by using the full range of thermal spraying since 1990. The analytical case studies of some of the tribological solutions provided to the core industries in Central India by HVOF spraying are presented in this paper. The case studies presented in this paper are the reclamation of the Vertical shaft of a bowl mill used for feeding crushed coal to the power plant, the engine spares of the earth moving machinery of the mining industries and the press rolls made up of chilled cast alloy steel, of defence industry. The surface characteristics needed for these applications, along with high hardness, bond strength and thermal conductivity could be achieved by the HVOF spraying using Topgun. In all the cases, the component life has been increased few folds and a direct cost saving of 30-70% was achieved. In addition, such an optimized reclamation reduces the down-time loss and improves the working efficiency.

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