In this paper, the production of NiCr-TiC powder by SHS, suitable for HVOF spraying, is discussed together with results on the microstructure and coating properties. Compacts for SHS were prepared by mixing elemental Ti and C with pre-alloyed Ni-20wt.% Cr powder to give an overall composition of 35wt.% NiCr and 65wt.% TiC. These were then ignited and a self-sustaining reaction proceeded to completion. Reacted compacts were crushed, sieved, and classified to give feedstock powders in size ranges of 10-45 µm and 45-75 µm. All powder was characterized prior to spraying based on particle size distribution, x-ray diffraction (XRD), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM/EDS). Thermal spraying was performed using both H2 and C3H6 as fuel gases in a UTP/Miller Thermal HVOF system. The resulting coatings were characterized by SEM and XRD analysis, and the microstructures correlated with powder size and spray conditions. Abrasive wear was determined by a modified 'dry sand rubber wheel' (DSRW) test and wear rates were measured. It has been found that wear rates comparable to those of HVOF sprayed WC-17wt% Co coatings can be achieved.

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