Titanium carbide cermet spray powder was produced by the SHS process (Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis) using elemental Ti, C, Mo and prealloyed CrNiMo powders as starting materials. The powder was characterised (particle size distribution, phase structure, morphology) and the internal structure of each cermet particle was found out to be dense consisting of fine distribution of carbides embedded in a metallic matrix. The particle size range suitable for thermal spraying was obtained by sieving and air classifying. The coatings were prepared by HVOF spraying (DJH2600 and DJH2700). The dry abrasion wear resistance was evaluated by the rubber wheel abrasion wear test and electrochemical corrosion behaviour by open circuit potential measurements. According to the XRD analysis the amount of retained carbides in the coatings is high and the carbide phase has a spherical shape also in the coatings. The microstructure of coatings obtained is dense and the coatings possess good properties in wear and corrosion tests. WC-Co-Cr and Cr3C2-NiCr powders were used for comparison.

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