Three different types of polyethylene powders were flame sprayed onto pre-heated steel substrate previously coated by electrostatic spray system with a thin epoxy primer layer. Properties of the polyethylene (PE) powders, including powder density, particle size and melt flow rate (MFR) were measured in order to study their influence on the mechanical properties of the coating. The spray experiments started with optimization of spraying parameters. The main variables were pre-heating temperature of the substrate, temperature increase during spraying (influenced by the spraying distance), and thickness of the PE coatings. The laboratory tests performed for the coatings were coating characterization by microscopy and mechanical testing. Porosity and thickness of the coatings were determined by optical and stereo microscopy studies from polished cross-sectional samples. Hardness, impact strength, peel strength, and adhesive strength of the coatings were also investigated. Also some hot water sinking and heat cycling tests were performed. As a result from the present studies it can be concluded that powder properties have great influence on the mechanical properties of the final coating.

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