There is typically a large scatter in the observed failure stress, particularly for ceramic coatings. Failure can thus occur not only at the coating-substrate interface where it is desired but also through the coating, the bonding epoxy, or the epoxy/coating interface. A large number of alternative test configurations have been proposed in an attempt avoid such drawbacks, each with their advantages and disadvantages. A test method developed recently by Troczynski and co-workers, known as the Peel Adhesion Test, is of particular interest for this article. The first specimens examined were Ni-WC coatings applied to 150 micrometer thick 1010 stainless steel foils which were grit blasted in the same manner as a bulk substrate would have been. It was observed that the technique appears to offer the capability of providing a sensitive and reproducible measure of the effects of surface treatments and other deposition parameters on coating adhesion.

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