Thermal Barriers Coatings (TBC) are mass-produced in several industrial fields: aeronautic, automotive or energetic industries. All production requires the same constant level of fest and reproducible quality control at the lowest cost. The metallographic process is the primary way to evaluate thermally sprayed coatings but it must be both highly very repeatable and fast, especially when metallography is used to keep the production at a constant level. Therefore the management and the organization of a metallographic laboratory is of prime importance in order to reduce the cost and to provide a quality structure. The present approach to the whole chain of characterization is based on the user's point of view. Generally speaking, metallographic control of widely used parts often seems to be considered to be an uninteresting and obtuse subject, since it has been in practice for so long. Despite the lack of the prestige associated with the subject, optimization of an appraisal post can provide very concrete and more importantly profitable, results.

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