MIL-STD-1687 (SH) has been in use for many years as one of the specifications that the United States Military performs thermal spray operations at overhaul facilities. The U.S. NAVY has asked AWS (American Welding Society) to develop an ANSI/AWS national standard to replace it and then provide long range maintenance of the new specification when necessary. This paper discusses both the procedure used to develop this standard and the content of the specification. Particular attention will be paid to the quality controls, training of operators and use of other specifications to accomplish compliance with this specification. The approval process for this document will be discussed with a probable time line including a plan to publicize and smoothly replace the MIL-STD-1687 (SH) specification. The further integration and use of it globally will be discussed and recommendations presented. The new standard will be in harmony with the ISO thermal spray standards program.

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