This work is devoted to the study of peculiarities of thermal sprayed coatings behavior under conditions of cavitation, as well as the elaboration of compositions of cavitation-resistant coatings and technology for their application with the aim of engine cylinders sleeves protection from cavitation-erosion destruction. The methods of arc metallization, flame and plasma spraying were used for coatings deposition. Powders of metal alloys and oxides, mechanical mixtures of nickel alloys with carbides, wires and flux-cored wires were applied as materials for thermal spraying. Method of magneto-striction vibration was used to determine the coatings cavitation resistance. A correlation between a bond strength of coatings and the character of their cavitation destruction was established. The best results were obtained in the case of using stainless steel wires and flux-cored wires using. Resistance of coated diesel engines sleeves was increased 1.6 times in comparison with sleeves without coatings. Semi-automatic line for arc metallization of diesel sleeves with a production of 600,000 sleeves per year was designed, build up and put into operation.

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