Extensive laboratory testing and field usage have shown that innovative surfacing techniques have produced cost effective maintenance systems and are providing long-term benefits. Self-fusing (sometimes known as self-fluxing) alloys containing tungsten carbide (WC), applied by PTAW, HVOF and SF (Spray Fusion) brazing processes are investigated. The process used and the effect of process parameters on the wear resistance of these coatings is evaluated. The test results show that the same self-fusing alloy applied by SF compared to PTAW have proven superior in severe erosive and abrasive applications. The case histories presented will cover a variety of applications including the use of HVOF versus hard chrome plating and the improvement in wear resistance of SF applied self-fused coatings versus PTAW. These comparisons are useful in providing new, higher performance solutions, in helping to overcome today's tougher surfacing and environmental requirements

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