Adhesion of ceramic coatings considerably depends on the surface characteristics of blasted substrates. The roughened surfaces have two kinds of topographical characteristics, one is of their cross section and the other is of planar. The roughened surfaces is generated by angled grit-blasting process which can be expected to improve the adhesion of ceramic coatings. The topography of the roughened surfaces has fractal characteristics in their cross section and has been more effectively related to the adhesive strength of ceramic coatings than average surface roughness traditionally used. This paper presents that fractal characteristics is evaluated in the planar topography of the blasted surfaces and shows that the planar fractal characteristics is closely related adhesion of ceramic coatings. The planar fractal dimension is evaluated by SIA (Slit Island Analysis) which needs the height data on the roughened surface. Those data are obtained by a laser-microscope in confocal type.

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