The development and introduction of more advanced spray systems continues to drive the thermal spray market. Most of these developments benefit from an increase in particle velocities. The latest generation of HVOF systems can spray cermet coatings of higher density and higher hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance than HVOF systems introduced previously, due to an 30 to 50 % increase in particle velocity. HVAF systems are offered as an cost-effective alternative to HVOF systems. A further increase in particle velocity and the introduction of cold gas spraying can be seen as a transition from thermal to kinetic spraying and may open a wide field of new applications for coatings and structures of oxidation sensitive materials. Advances are also reported for wire spraying. New arc spray systems are capable to increase the density of metal and alloy coatings considerably and to reduce the oxide content of these coatings. Similar improvements but at lower spray rates may be achieved with newly developed HVOF wire systems. Paper text in German.

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