In order to improve the properties profile of thermally sprayed coats (in particular, the corrosion resistance), the coats are, amongst other items, posttreated with organic and/or inorganic posttreatment media. The coat combinations used are Al2O3/TiO2 (87/12), APS-sprayed, and WC-Co (88/12), HVOF-sprayed. Commercially available sealants and two products from other areas of application were used for sealing purposes. The main contribution of the sealing agents to the anti-corrosion protection lies in the fact that they seal open, (inter)connected pores and/or cracks and thus prevent corrosive media from penetrating into the sprayed coat and from reaching the substrate. In this respect, the best results are achieved with sealing agents which form a dense film extending into the pores of the coat. The component underneath can be protected optimally by the combination of the sprayed coat and the sealing agents. Paper text in German.

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