HVOF-sprayed stainless steel coatings are potential candidates for protection against water corrosion. However, the process parameter "window" leading to acceptable corrosion behavior has yet to be determined. With potentiodynamic tests, this paper examines the corrosion behavior of metallic, thermally sprayed coatings under carefully controlled conditions in order to gain an insight into their performance "in service". The influence of the variations in the fuel:oxygen ratio, in the total gas volume and in the spraying distance, on the corrosion process of HVOF-sprayed stainless steel coatings on steel substrates with a low carbon content is determined by means of potentiodynamic measurements. The results are correlated with a characterization of the microstructure to understand the influence and role of oxide content, porosity, and coating morphology. Some comparisons with VPS coatings are also made. Paper includes a German-language abstract.

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